Favourite Online Jobs

Working online is becoming very popular nowadays. Many people actually claim to have quit their day job and steadily earn money at home. Here are some of the most favorite online jobs of many people around the world.

Sell Photos

If you love taking pictures and feel confident enough to say that you’re good at it, you can make money by selling your shots on the internet. You can sell your photographs to stock photography websites, which they then sell or let others use them for a fee. Some of the best places to try and sell your photos are Fotolia and Shutterstock.

Be a Virtual Assistant

This is becoming popular among many establishments since unlike an actual assistant whom employers have to pay salary atop many benefits and taxes, virtual assistants are only paid the amount both agreed online. Virtual assistants do everything an actual assistant would do – make reservations, encode reports, compute invoices and more, all while watching TV and eating Ice cream.


Many people who love writing have turned to blogging for a source of income. In blogging, you can earn money by having ads placed in your site like Google Adsense, or other pay per click options like Chitika. You can make your own blog site in a matter of minutes, and the best part is it’s free. Well, signing up for most of these programs are free, although you will have to share your revenue with them.

Affiliate Marketer

Some people earn money through affiliate programs or selling another person’s products. When you do make a sale, you get a commission. Some of the most popular sites where you can be an affiliate marketer is Amazon and Clickbank. Do note that you can only sell digital products (eg. eBooks) in Clickbank unlike Amazon where you can promote actual physical products.


Freelancing can be a great source of income. If you love writing, you can freelance for people who are looking for writers to fill their websites with good content. You can also freelance as a graphic artist by designing logos for companies or more online. Some of the best places to look for freelancing work are Odesk and Elance.

Sell Your Own Products

If you love handicrafts, then you can basically sell them online. This is good in the sense that you don’t have to own a physical store. No rent to pay, no shop to maintain. Just make products that you love and sell them to the world. Of course, you should have a good knowledge about shipping costs and regulations – for all you know, the shipping fees may cost more than the product you make and sell. Looking where to sell you stuff? Try eBay and Amazon.

Counsel Others

This can be a very rewarding job, both for the soul and in the pocket. Some people actually pay other people to give advice to guests and visitors to their sites. Some sites include Fun Advice where you earn points that you can convert to dollars later on, or Web Answers where you can answer questions and earn a share of their Adsense revenue.