How to Apply For a Job

Jobs are nowhere near as hard as getting them. For a crappy job you have to pass the Caudine forks, but unfortunately that’s the way it is. It’s really a psychological move on the employer’s part to let you know how important the job actually is and make you feel that the fact that you have been permitted to work there is a high favor, even though you were perfectly qualified for it. And it also works.

First thing’s first: create a resume. That should include everything you deem worthy of notice, but also keep in mind the job you’re applying for. The ideal step is to make a specific resume for a specific job appliance. Unfortunately life has a way of putting you in a position where you need to apply to several jobs at once in the hopes you’ll land one of them. So creating numerous resumes is out of the question. But if the opportunity presents itself, create each resume with a maximum focus on the job in discussion. You may list each and every achievement you have ever had that doesn’t concern this job, but make them look like side notes, the employer tends to neglect what’s not important to him. Having them is good, highlighting them is bad. Make a spectacular resume in terms of aspect. Get a fancy template or ask someone to make one for you. Layout is crucial, you can disguise the lack of information in layout specification. If it’s airy, with long borders you can have one quarter of text of a normal page and it will still loog good.

If you land an interview: appear confident, even though your heart’s in your throat. Always say you have a very small learning curve concerning the domain you’re applying for, have arguments ready. Appear confident but not bold. There’s a very thin line between confidence and arrogance. If you pass it you’re toast. Always look the guy in the eye. Don’t let your eyes wander when you’re asked a question, rather express your thinking process through a frown. Practice on friends. Have them ask you questions and answer tham in this manner. The more uncomfortable the question the better your education. The moment your eyes slip sideways that’s a tell: you’re lying, unsure of yourself or trying to evade the question. And these are instincts, so he will know something’s not right with you even if he can’t put a finger on what exactly.

Dress appropriately. Be well shaved, well groomed for men, be elegant for women. Do not reveal more body parts than it’s appropriate, you may land an interview with persons of the same sex and again, you’re toast.