Mitigating The Dangers Associated With Working On Building Sites

There are many perils and potential dangers associated with working on construction sites, and in construction jobs. Working around heavy machinery, using power tools, and working at heights are some of the chief dangers. Fortunately, the majority of these potential hazards can be mitigated by offering health and safety training, by ensuring that the proper equipment and safety equipment is used, and also by providing the right safety gear. If you fail to provide any of these to your employees, or to other visitors to the site, then you could face substantial fines and other penalties.

Not only is there the potential for these hazards to cause injury to employees, but to visitors and even to people in the surrounding area, while damage to goods and property can also lead to considerable penalties. Ensuring that the site is safe and also ensuring that everybody that uses the site does so in a safe manner is important. Accidents can lead to injuries and they can cause damage to property which, in turn can lead to a loss of reputation and business, as well as other potential problems.

You should always ensure that equipment, tools, and other items are well maintained and that they are used properly. Heavy machinery has the potential to cause considerable damage to people and property. It can easily wreck the site itself, cause untold damage to other items, and it can lead to serious injuries too. Ensure that you use the right tools for the job and that they are in good working order. Conduct any analysis and checks before machinery is used, because this will enable you to identify any potential problems, while a risk assessment can also be used if accidents do occur and an investigation is required.

Provide safety equipment for anybody that could be put in potential danger. Safety equipment can range from hard hats to work boots. It should also incorporate harnesses and specialist safety equipment that is designed for use with specific items of machinery or in very specific circumstances.

Also provide training for all employees that will be using this type of equipment, and if your employees will be using Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, or MEWPs, or if they will be working from height, then ensure that they have had training on how to safely operate this machinery or how to safely work without compromising their own safety or the safety of others. There are many health and safety training courses that can benefit contractors and other workers on your site, so make the most of them. Trained employees are safer, and they can help you to identify potential problems and risks, and details how to mitigate those risks.

Risks and hazards are an everyday part of working on building sites, but as an employer or site owner you have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of everybody on site, as well as the public. Accidents can prove very costly, but they can be avoided through more effective health and safety practices. Ensure good quality equipment, provide safety equipment, and ensure that your employees have had the appropriate health and safety training according to the type of work they do and the type of machinery and equipment that they use.

The Safety Maintenance Company, SMCL, offers MEWP and other forms of health and safety training courses, including training on how to safely work at heights.