Replacing Your Sash Windows

Sash windows make a beautiful addition to any property, and are most commonly installed in period properties in order to match the style of windows that would have been fitted in the original property. There are different styles and configurations available, but if you are replacing existing sash windows, then it is likely that you will want a similar style and design. This helps to ensure that you enjoy authentic looking windows, and can also help ensure that, if you are only replacing a single window, then your new windows will match any others while also matching the windows in similar properties around you.

If you live in a conservation area, or you are fortunate enough to own a protected or listed building, then you may be restricted to the layout of window that you choose, but you do still need to ensure that you use a reputable and reliable installation service if you want to ensure that you get the best looking results and the greatest life from your windows.

Many homeowners replace windows because their old windows are not energy efficient enough. The glazing itself could be allowing cold air in and letting hot air escape, while frames and other components that are in bad quality could further allow heat and energy to escape. New window installations should be made from efficient materials, use efficient manufacturing techniques, and they should be fitted in such a way that air is not allowed to pass between the interior and the exterior of the property, unless you want it to.

Hardwood is the preferred type of timber for window installation. Hardwood contains natural oils that serve to protect the wood from elements like rain and the sun. It is also durable and strong. This means that your new windows, made from hardwood, are more likely to last for many years to come. In fact, many modern timber windows are guarantee to last 50 years or even 60 years, and some installations last a lot longer than this.

It isn’t just the glazing panes and the frames that you should consider, when thinking about changing or upgrading your windows either. Hardwood does require some regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to look its best and provide the features that you need it to. This does mean cleaning, preparing, and painting the wood every year or so, but a happy side effect of this regular maintenance is that it will refresh the look of your windows. You can bring them back to life and enjoy great looking windows that will last for decades.

Old sash windows can provide a gateway into your property for thieves and burglars. Single glazing is especially fragile and can be easily smashed by a determined intruder, while old catches and other pieces of hardware are also easily broken. Modern timber sash windows not only include double or even triple glazing, but they use the latest and most secure fittings to ensure that they are completely safe and secure.

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