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The Advantages of Loose Leaf Green Tea There are many health advantages to taking tea. Different varieties of tea exist out there, which many have probably never heard of. Each of these types have their own advantages. Loose leaf green tea for example has uncountable benefits. Most people take their tea in tea bags but it has been proven that the loose leaf tea is actually more beneficial. Here are some of the advantages of taking loose leaf green tea. Treats Acne Naturally Most people are probably already conscious that green tea helps with weight problems, particularly. However, there are so many other advantages of drinking green tea. If you have a skin problem, particularly acne, then this is precisely what you need. You might have struggled to clear your pimples with several different creams and concoctions. Green tea helps give your skin a natural look buy healing it from inside, the best part is there are no undesirable side effects. Green tea has agents that influence the production of hormones linked to bad skin. The swellings and bumps caused by pimples are also dealt with adequately thanks to the anti-inflammatory features of green tea.
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Helps with Allergies
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There are still more advantages to this herb. It has been noted that the tea helps promote good health by providing relief when it comes to particular allergic reactions. There is a Catechin component of green tea that helps fight allergic reactions. This element is referred to as EGCG and it helps restore normal body functioning. Anti-Cancer Properties In addition to helping with acne and allergies the Catechine also aids in dealing with cancer. Yes, one could say this is a miraculous herb. EGCG in the tea allows you to protect your body cells from any DNA damage. The green tea properties also help fight nitrification which causes stomach cancer and cancer of the esophagus. Improved Cardiovascular Health Research in health science has also proven that green tea also has great benefits for the cardiovascular system. Absorption of cholesterol in the intestines is regulated by the polyphenol in green tea. Excess cholesterol is secreted from the body thanks to the Polyphenol found in green tea. There have been countless experiments done to find out the effects green tea has on the blood pressure and blood flow; green tea was found to have a positive effect on these particular aspects each time. Anti-aging and Antioxidant Properties Green tea is great especially if your body needs antioxidants. Loose leaf green tea has even stronger antioxidant properties. With antioxidants in your system you can rest assured that your aging process is slowed down by quite a bit, they also improve your health by fighting infections. They are also responsible for boosting the immunity of an individual by helping one fight diseases.