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Can You Consider Executive Coaching as One of a Kind? The executive coaching and professional advice from other sources is most of the time thought to be similar by people that are not familiar with executive coaching. The senior executives are people that have been able to receive numerous type of advice and they are the clients of the executive coaching. The one of a kind personal leadership development is none other than coaching and this is the reason as to why this is considered to be unique. The mentor is actually the most common advisor for a lot of the executives. The mentor plays a lot of responsibilities. He provides resources, advice and counsel to show how to achieve success and an invaluable resource. When the mentor was still in the shoes of the executive he will show what strategies worked so that the executive can achieve the success of the mentor. Most of the time the mentor is 2 to 3 levels ahead of the executive. So that the executive will be able to have a guide and be able to achieve the success of the mentor he will be given a road map. The coach on the other hand is different. The executive will still be given the guidance that he needs even though he and the coach have taken different paths. What the coach will do is to develop this path that the executive needs to take in order for him to reach his desired destination. In order to be able to achieve executive career success, what the coach will do is provide many alternative ways. To dictate the executive on how he can do his job better is not what the coach is there for but instead he will be offering an outside perspective. The action of the coach will give tow results: make the executive realize what his actions’ impacts are and what his alternative are. At the end of the day the executive will benefit more from this because he can come up with more powerful solutions suitable for the situation and his position.
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Take this opportunity to just think of the coaches and their great athletes. Most of the time the coach is the student and fan of the game but definitely not the superstar. This concept is the same of that with executive coaching. It does not necessarily mean that the coach is better at your game but what he can do is give you insight and feedback. The result of the action of the coach is that he is able to reveal your inner greatness and fulfill your potential.
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The goals of executive coaching are: clear away barriers, guide the executive to clearly set the goal, plan and implement every day and develop strategies for their one of a kind talents and strengths.